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Your path to studying in Germany

From your home to a German higher education institution. My GUIDE supports you every step of the way.

More than 20,000 programmes

My GUIDE helps you find the right programme based on your personal profile.

For more than 130 countries

With My GUIDE you can run a quick and non-binding check to determine whether your certificates make you eligible to apply to study in Germany.

Direct contact to over 400 higher education institutions

My GUIDE connects you with the right person at the higher education institution who can help you with your question.

Trust in the leading organisation - worldwide.

My GUIDE is a free service provided by the DAAD, the world’s largest funding organisation for the international exchange of students and researchers. Trust in the leading organisation - worldwide.

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Check your eligibility

Want to know if your certificates make you eligible to study in Germany? Run a non-binding check for more than 130 countries.

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Save programmes to your watch list

Log in to add interesting programmes to your watch list so you can easily revisit them at a later time.

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You have questions about a programme? Clarify them directly with the higher education institution.

If you have found your perfect programme but still have unanswered questions, you can contact the higher education institution directly. Your question will be forwarded to the appropriate person to answer your query.

Explore the top features

Find suitable scholarships for your degree programme

If there are suitable scholarships for the degree programme you are looking at, they will be displayed.

This is what students who found their perfect course of study in Germany using My GUIDE have to say.

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    Nilay, India

    “Yes, it’s a great platform for international students to find information about German higher education institutions.”

  • Flag of Nigeria

    Jenue, Nigeria

    “I like it because all the programmes that could potentially be my study programme are collected and presented in one place.”

  • Flag of Turkey

    Selma, Turkey

    “It helps make accessing higher education institutions in Germany easier.”

  • Flag of Ghana

    Aba, Ghana

    “It's been really helpful to use this tool. I'm so grateful for it.”

  • Flag of Uzbekistan

    Yulduz, Uzbekistan

    “I was totally lost and had no idea how to go about my desire to study in Germany. MY GUIDE has made this journey easier for me and for that I'm grateful and very happy. I love the fact that I can do so much here, i.e., research and also keep track of my progress.”

  • Flag of Vietnam

    Anh, Vietnam

    “As an international student, searching for the right university and programme can be difficult and tedious. My GUIDE provided the best higher learning search experience I have ever had.”

  • Flag of Colombia

    María José, Columbia

    “I love this site; it makes things so much simpler... Excellent work!!”

  • Flag of Georgia

    Sandro, Georgia

    “I find it helpful in matching my academic background with study programmes.”

  • Flag of China, PR

    Lian, China

    “The platform provides a very clear and user-friendly way to learn about the eligibility criteria for admission to any particular course or higher education institution.”

  • Flag of United Kingdom

    Harry, UK

    “I will recommend MY GUIDE to my friends!”

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