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Study Art, Music, Design in Germany

Explore 1871 programmes in 6 fields.

The subject group art, music, and design encompasses practical courses of study that deal with artistic and creative work, such as dance, ceramics, product design, or choir. In addition, it also includes degree programmes that are more focused on scientific and theoretical aspects, such as art theory, ethnomusicology, or theatre studies. Art pedagogy and music pedagogy also belong to this group of subjects.


208 Higher Education Institutions

Bachelor, Master, Diplom, Extended Qualification In Music, Final Examination, Magister, State Examination

German, English

1-10 Semesters

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Art, Music, Design is divided into 6 fields of study.

Art Studies, Art Pedagogy

A degree programme in the field of art studies and art pedagogy will provide you with knowledge of the various art forms with a focus on the theoretical, historical, and didactic aspects of art.


Courses of study in design teach both practical and theoretical artistic and creative skills. You learn to use critical thinking to solve problems and develop media creatively.

Fine Arts

The field of fine arts deals with artistic methods and hands-on skills in disciplines such as painting, photography, or restoration. Through your studies, you will develop your own artistic style.


In a music degree programme, you will both hone your practical skills and acquire theoretical knowledge. You can choose a specialisation in, e.g., music production or singing.

Musicology, Music Pedagogy

Would you like to learn about the characteristics of certain musical styles? Do you want to teach music? This field of study will let you explore theoretical, historical, and didactic aspects of music.

Performing Arts

Whether on or off stage, working in the performing arts is about inspiring people. You will learn how to develop and implement ideas and projects as well as how to perfect your practical talent.

Requirements and prospects

Choosing to pursue a degree in the subject group art, music, and design requires a certain artistic and creative talent as well as a great deal of personal initiative. Most courses of study check your aptitude beforehand, asking you to prove your artistic or creative talent, e.g., in the form of a test or by submitting your portfolio. You will also need a general or subject-specific higher education entrance qualification, i.e., the German Abitur or an international equivalent, as most of the courses of study are offered at universities of applied sciences or at universities.

The practical degree programmes that deal with artistic and creative work generally prepare you for work as a freelance artist (e.g., in acting, singing, or photography). After graduating from a course of study which is more scientifically and theoretically oriented, you may find work, for example, in cultural management, cultural institutions, or publishing houses. With a degree in art or music pedagogy, you can later work in educational institutions, or in institutions for young people or senior citizens.

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