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Study Economic Sciences, Law in Germany

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Economics and law are fundamentally different subjects. In the field of law, you study legislation and the application of laws, which requires a lot of reading and writing. Therefore, it is advisable to feel comfortable working extensively with texts. In economics, on the other hand, you deal with questions that require a more mathematical approach. Business administration and law, which belong to this subject group, are two of the most popular degree programmes in Germany.


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Bachelor, Master, Diplom, Final Examination, Licence Examination, Magister, State Examination

German, English, French, Spanish

1-14 Semesters

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Economic Sciences, Law is divided into 2 fields of study.

Economic Sciences

The economic sciences deal with issues relating to businesses and to the economy as a whole. Business administration focuses on company processes, while the topics of economics concern whole nations.


In your law studies, you will focus on laws, or the rules that society has created so that people can live together. You will learn to understand these laws and apply them to concrete situations.

Requirements and prospects

The requirements for these two fields of study are quite different: Law is only taught at universities, which means that you need a university entrance qualification (a German Abitur or international equivalent). In addition, many law degree programmes are subject to local admissions restrictions or a numerus clausus (NC). Therefore, good grades are necessary for a successful application. Business studies, on the other hand, can be studied at universities and universities of applied sciences, some of which do not have an NC. This means that you can also be admitted with a subject-specific higher education entrance qualification (a Fachabitur or international equivalent) or one specific to universities of applied sciences or their international equivalents and without top grades.
The career prospects for both fields of study are good. Legal experts are in great demand. Honours graduates in particular can expect to find a well-paying job quickly. Economists have a wide range of options: They can find employment in all industries and in national as well as international companies of all sizes.

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