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Study Agricultural and Forest Sciences in Germany

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The agricultural and forest sciences encompass courses of study that deal with nature. This includes the production of food (agricultural sciences), the forest as an ecosystem (forest management), the design of open spaces (environmental and landscape design), and the processing and life cycle of wood. What these all have in common is that they are practice oriented, and that you will likely spend a lot of time outdoors in your future career.


44 Higher Education Institutions

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2-9 Semesters

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Agricultural and Forest Sciences is divided into 3 fields of study.

Agricultural Sciences

Your interdisciplinary degree programme in agricultural sciences will cover the ecological and economic cultivation of food and animal feed as well as animal husbandry.

Environmental and Landscape Design

Environmental and landscape design deals with the planning, development, creation, and preservation of open spaces, drawing on content from design, the natural sciences, social sciences, and technology.

Forest and Wood Management

The forestry and timber industry centres around one of the oldest building materials in the world: wood. Wood management is mainly concerned with its processing, while forestry seeks to preserve it.

Requirements and prospects

Since the courses of study in this subject group are highly application-oriented, you will find many offered at universities of applied sciences. You are therefore eligible to apply with a subject-related higher education entrance qualification (technical high school diploma or the international equivalent). Admission to these courses of study is typically not restricted. Please note, however, that some courses of study will require you to fulfil special conditions. You may, for example, be asked to provide evidence of practical experience or of artistic talent. For certain fields of study, only a small number of degree programmes exist in Germany, so you may be somewhat restricted in your choice of study location.
After completing a degree programme in this subject group, you will likely find job opportunities in public agencies. Your individual career path may also lead you to find work in architecture and planning offices or in private companies in the food production or wood processing sectors.

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