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Study Medicine, Health Sciences in Germany

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The subject group medicine and health sciences deals with people, their illnesses, care, and rehabilitation. After graduating from a degree programme in this field, it is also possible to pursue a career in research. In any case, the prospects for graduates in this subject group are very good: There is already a shortage of skilled workers in the healthcare sector, which will continue to increase with our aging society.


196 Higher Education Institutions

Bachelor, Master, Diplom, Final Examination, State Examination

German, English, Danish

1-13 Semesters

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Medicine, Health Sciences is divided into 3 fields of study.

Health and Nursing Sciences

The health and nursing sciences constitute a relatively young field of study. This field trains specialists for the organisation of healthcare and care services that are needed in our ageing society.


Medicine programmes cover the structure and functions of the body as well as diseases and their treatment. Competition for admission is fierce: you need very good grades or will endure long waiting times.


Would you like to study anatomy, physiology, neurology, and psychology and work closely with people? If this is the case, a study programme in non-medical therapies could be interesting for you.

Requirements and prospects

The medical courses of study (human, veterinary, and dental medicine) are taught exclusively at universities. You will therefore need a general higher education entrance qualification (a German Abitur or an international equivalent) to be eligible to apply. The available slots in study programmes are in great demand and uniform admission restrictions exist nationwide. To get a spot, you either need very good grades or you will have to put up with long waiting times.

Courses of study in the health and nursing sciences and in the field of therapy are offered not only at universities but also at universities of applied sciences, in some cases without local admission restrictions (a “numerus clausus” or NC). You may be eligible to apply with a subject-specific higher education entrance qualification (technical high school diploma or its international equivalent) and without top grades. At some higher education institutions, a dual course of study is also possible.

Graduates from this subject group have very good career prospects after completing their studies, whether as employees or self-employed.

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