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Agricultural and Forest Sciences

Study Environmental and Landscape Design in Germany

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Courses of study in the field of environmental and landscape design deal with the planning, development, creation, and preservation of open spaces. Most often, these are green spaces in populated areas that must be developed, designed, planned, created, and maintained. This illustrates how interdisciplinary the courses of study are in this field, as they draw on content from design, the natural sciences, social sciences, and technology.


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The courses of study in the field of environmental and landscape design all deal with the design of open spaces, but differ in their approaches:

  • Arboriculture: In arboriculture, you learn about tree care in urban areas, specifically, the protection, care, and sustainable development of shrubs and individual trees in cities and communities.
  • Landscape conservation: Courses of study in this area focus on protecting open spaces. You will learn how to plan, look after and, above all, conserve these areas, i.e., how to protect them from commercial use.
  • Landscape architecture: These courses of study offer the greatest room for aesthetic/artistic expression. You will learn how to plan and create open spaces such as gardens or parks. In addition to the creative aspect, these programmes will also teach you the technical, economic, and scientific basics. You should have artistic talent to be successful in these studies.

More general degree programmes also exist. For this reason, you should always check in advance whether the focus is more on the creative aspect or the conservation aspect. What the programmes all have in common is that they strive for practical relevance, and you can expect to spend a lot of your time in the fresh air during the practical phases.

Following your graduation from a programme in environmental and landscape design, you can work in architects’ or planning offices. You may also find a job in the public sector, such as in construction and environmental planning.

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