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Teaching Degrees

Study Vocational Disciplines in Germany

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With a teaching degree in vocational disciplines, you can prepare young people for their professional lives or for a study programme. In your studies, you specialise in teaching in vocational schools, e.g., technical colleges - the exact type of school depends on the federal state. It is thus best to decide in which federal state you would like to work before you start your studies so that your studies can prepare you for the type of school and the subjects that are recognised in that state.


78 Higher Education Institutions

Bachelor, Master, Final Examination, State Examination

German, English, French, Spanish, Danish

3-11 Semesters

What can I expect

The vocational disciplines are divided into several fields of study. Please note that which subjects, how many subjects, and which combinations of subjects you can choose depends on the individual federal state. As a rule, you will study at least two of the following subjects:

  • Agricultural economics
  • Structural engineering
  • Vocational education, vocational pedagogy
  • Bioengineering, chemical engineering
  • Electrical engineering
  • Nutritional, home economics
  • Vehicle engineering, mechatronics
  • Colour engineering, interior design, surface engineering
  • Health, personal hygiene
  • Wood technology
  • Information technology
  • Laboratory technology, process technology
  • Media technology
  • Metal engineering, mechanical engineering
  • Health care
  • Social pedagogy
  • Textile engineering and design
  • Economics and administration

You will complete your studies with a Master’s degree or a state examination; a Bachelor’s degree is not sufficient to start the traineeship, which is required for your qualification as a teacher. The traineeship usually lasts two years.

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