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Teaching Degrees

Study Special Pedagogy, inclusive Pedagogy in Germany

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A teaching degree programme in the field of special pedagogy and inclusive pedagogy prepares you to work with children who have special educational needs, including, e.g., intellectual disabilities, physical disabilities, behavioural disorders, or sensory impairments. You will learn how to teach these children individually according to their abilities. After completing your studies, you can teach at special education schools as well as at general education schools with an integrative approach.


34 Higher Education Institutions

Bachelor, Master, State Examination

German, English, Danish

2-10 Semesters

What can I expect

School types and requirements for prospective teachers vary across the federal states, so you should carefully choose your degree programme based on where you may want to work in the future. The study programmes are wide-ranging. For example, they could be:

  • Teacher training at primary schools with integrated special needs education
  • Speech and language therapy pedagogy
  • Pedagogy for behavioural disorders

The degree programme is very varied and often also covers medical basics, sociology, and psychology.

Your studies will take up to five years to complete. A Bachelor’s degree alone is not sufficient to be able to teach. You must also complete a Master’s degree programme and an at least one and a half year long traineeship. You will also complete some internships during your studies; in some federal states, a so-called orientation internship (“Orientierungspraktikum”) is recommended before admission, to ensure that you are completely confident in your choice of study. In addition to pedagogical competence, as a teacher in special needs education, you must have a great deal of empathy and be psychologically resilient.

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