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Language and Cultural Studies

Study Romance Studies in Germany

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Degree programmes in the field of study Romance studies focus on the Romance language family, which includes languages like Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese, for example. In your studies, you will not only deepen your linguistic skills, but also gain more knowledge of the humanities, culture, and literature while studying the history, literature, and cultures of the corresponding Romance languages you have chosen to focus on.


50 Higher Education Institutions

Bachelor, Master, State Examination

German, English, French, Italian, Spanish

2-10 Semesters

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Degree programmes in Romance studies focus on the Romance language family, i.e., the languages that have developed from Latin. The field of study includes the subject areas:

  • French
  • Italian
  • Portuguese
  • Romance philology, miscellaneous
  • Spanish

You can choose to study one of these languages or to study a combination of the above-mentioned languages.

Two important components of a degree programme in the field of Romance studies are language practice and linguistics. You will learn to speak and write the chosen language(s) at an advanced level while also studying the developmental process, grammar, phonetics, and vocabulary of the languages and their dialects. In the literary studies part of the programme, which is considered equally important, you analyse and interpret literary texts and learn about literary history. In addition, you deal with cultural studies issues and may examine, for example, visual art or music in the context of Romance cultures. The aim is to form a comprehensive understanding of a language and culture, including media and historical references.

After graduating, you can pursue a career in public relations, in museums, in publishing, in education, in research, or in tourism, for example.

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