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The field of study oriental studies examines the religion, culture, language, and history of North Africa and the Near and Middle East in both the past and the present. The focus of this field is particularly on the Islamic cultural area. You can choose from various specialisations, such as Iranian studies or Turkology, for example, that allow you to concentrate on specific language families or regions.


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A degree programme in oriental studies provides insight into the regions of North Africa and the Near and Middle East. You will acquire linguistic and general scientific knowledge and examine religious, cultural, and political science issues with historical or contemporary relevance inside and outside the region. The field of study oriental studies also includes the following areas:

  • Modern Egyptology, which deals with the modern Egyptian language as well as the literature, religion, and history of Egypt.
  • Arabic studies, which examines the Arabic language, literature, and culture.
  • Indology, which deals with the languages, cultures, and history of the Indian subcontinent („South Asia“).
  • Iranian studies, Persian, which focuses on the Persian-speaking region.
  • Islamic studies, which deals with the religion, history, culture, literatures, and languages of the Islamic world.
  • Jewish studies, which examines Jewish religious history and culture in the past and present.
  • Semitic studies, which is devoted to the history, grammar, and vocabulary of about 70 languages and countless dialects of the Semitic language family.
  • Turkology, Turkish, which deals with the Turkic languages as well as Turkic literature, history, culture, and peoples.

After completing your studies, you can pursue a career, for example, in foreign language mediation, in the tourism industry, in public relations, in research institutes, or in educational institutions.

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