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In the field of study library science and documentation, you work intensively with data, including allocating, recording, and archiving data. The increasing adoption of databases, the internet, and electronic media has significantly changed the work of librarians and documentalists. This degree programme prepares you for this changed working environment and enables you to pursue a practice-oriented, modern profession in the information industry.


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Bachelor, Master

German, English

3-7 Semesters

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A degree in library science and documentation provides you with practical knowledge that primarily has to do with the transfer of information, as well as its acquisition, research, and management.

Library science and documentation comprises the following fields of study:

  • Archive studies: You learn to archive material that is no longer needed on an ongoing basis.
  • Library science: This area covers the acquisition, presentation, indexing, and dissemination of information.
  • Book studies deal with the cultural, economic, and technical characteristics of books as a medium.
  • Documentation science is about the acquisition, systematisation, processing, dissemination, and preservation of information.
  • Information science deals with information systems and processes.
  • Museum studies: In this area, you will acquire museological skills such as object and collection documentation, and you will also learn about exhibition management.

The degree programme usually prepares you for a professional activity. After completing your studies, you can pursue a career, for example, in inventory management, in book selling, in media development, in marketing, in public relations, or in cultural institutions such as museums or libraries.

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