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Language and Cultural Studies

Study Language and Literary Studies in Germany

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Are you interested in languages, reading, and communication? The field of study language and literary studies offers a broad spectrum of specialisations that deal intensively with the different characteristics and functions of languages and language systems. Whether in translation, communication consulting, or editorial work, a degree programme in this field provides you with cultural, communication, and linguistic skills that can be applied universally.


78 Higher Education Institutions

Bachelor, Master, Diplom, State Examination

German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch

2-10 Semesters

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A programme in language and cultural studies teaches cultural, communicative, and linguistic competences that are universally applicable. You can choose from various specialisations that allow you to study specific aspects such as the structure or function of languages and language systems. Other aspects that you may focus on include language history, language use, speech perception, and language processing. You can work with specific languages or language families and evaluate them in comparison to others, or study language in general. The following subject areas belong to the field of language and cultural studies:

  • General literary studies
  • General linguistic science
  • Computational linguistics
  • Interpreting
  • Linguistics
  • Literary writing
  • Phonetics
  • Rhetoric
  • Speech science
  • Translation
  • Comparative literary studies
  • Comparative linguistics

After graduating, you can pursue a career as a translator, in communication consulting, editorial work, education, research, or cultural management, for example.

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