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Whether in journalism, communication consulting, or media and public-opinion research: in this field, you are part of the exciting world of the media. In journalism and publishing studies, the focus is on learning how to communicate stories and form public opinion. You will study the basics of journalism and media science to be able to produce your own media content. With this knowledge, you will also be able to understand and analyse both developments in the media and their effects.


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2-8 Semesters

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In the study areas journalism, communication studies, online media, and publishing studies, the focus is on communication and the media. This includes all types of media, from print media to radio or online media. You will learn about the structures, functions, contents, uses and effects of communication and media. In journalism studies, you acquire knowledge about research, writing, organising, and designing media content. In communication studies, on the other hand, the focus is on the interdependencies between media systems and the impact they have as well as on mass communication using mass media. An online media degree programme offers in-depth insight into digital media channels and content. Programmes in publishing studies focus on producing publications, the publications themselves, as well as the recipients and effects of media content.

With a degree in the field journalism and publishing studies, you are not tied to a specific profession. There are many career opportunities in public relations, corporate communications, advertising/marketing, media and public-opinion research, or communications consulting. Of course, you can work as a journalist for a newspaper or magazine after completing your degree. This will, however, usually also require you to complete a traineeship in which you learn the ins and outs of the journalism trade.

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