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Study Indo-European Studies in Germany

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Indo-European studies is an interdisciplinary study field that deals with the Indo-European language family and the writings, ancient cultures, history, and philosophy associated with it. Geographically, you will study a wide area ranging from Northern Europe to the Mediterranean, the ancient Orient, and today's Central Asia. You will acquire language and cultural skills and learn to analyse and compare the origins and the development of languages and cultures.


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Indo-European studies focus on a language group consisting of various dialects stemming from a single language: Proto-Indo-European. Most of the languages spoken in Europe today as well as a number of present-day Asian languages descended from Proto-Indo-European. In other words, about half of the world’s population today speaks a language that originated from Proto-Indo-European.

You will study these historical languages and the processes by which they changed, in order to identify and explain similarities and differences between them. In doing so, you will try to reconstruct the original Indo-European language, which does not exist in written form. You will also gain a more comprehensive understanding of the languages that descended from this original language.

To study Indo-European studies, you usually need a higher education entrance qualification, i.e., the German Abitur or an international equivalent. Most degree programmes are not subject to admission restrictions. However, it is possible that you will have to prove that you have certain foreign language skills before you can begin your studies. Please contact the individual higher education institutions for more information. You will develop these language skills during your studies and should be prepared to gain reading skills in various old and new languages, such as Latin or Sanskrit.

Most students of Indo-European studies pursue a university career after completing their Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. However, you will also acquire general skills during your studies that will enable you to enter fields like cultural studies, publishing, cultural tourism, journalism, and public relations.

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