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Study Theology, Religion in Germany

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The word theology is of Greek origin and simply put, translates to the "teaching of God”. This alone makes clear what a theology degree is about: namely, studying the subject matter of a specific faith, its (contemporary) documents, and their interpretation. Studying religion, on the other hand, is not about a specific faith, but about the influence religions have had in the past as well as their influence on everyday life today.


85 Higher Education Institutions

Bachelor, Master, Final Examination, Diplom, Department Examination, Church Degree, Licence Examination, Magister, State Examination, Theological Examination

German, English

1-12 Semesters

What can I expect

If you would like to study theology, you need to decide which faith you want to study in advance. In Germany, you can choose between the Catholic, Protestant, Islamic, or Jewish faiths.
You should also decide in advance whether you would like to work as a teacher in a school or in another institution, or whether you would prefer to work in a church or in other areas, such as research.
Depending on your answers to these questions, you can choose between the following offerings:

  • Protestant religious pedagogy
  • Protestant theology
  • Islamic religious education
  • Islamic theology
  • Jewish studies
  • Catholic religious pedagogy
  • Catholic theology
  • Religious studies
  • Theology

Learning languages is typically part of the study of theology or religion. Be it Hebrew, Ancient Greek and Latin for the Christian religions, Hebrew for Jewish studies, or Arabic for Islam: You should be willing to learn languages and work with them.
In addition to private and state higher education institutions, many religious institutions also offer these fields of study.

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