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A degree programme in pedagogy or educational sciences focusses on people, their training, and education. While pursuing this course of study, you learn about pedagogical measures as well as educational theories and methods and develop your own educational concepts based on these methods and theories. It is important to note that this study programme does not exclusively deal with the education of children and adolescents, but also covers the subject of adult education.


162 Higher Education Institutions

Bachelor, Master, Final Examination, State Examination

German, English, Spanish

2-12 Semesters

What content can I expect

When studying pedagogy or educational sciences, you learn about educating and training children, adolescents, and adults, both in theory and in practice.
In addition to the pedagogical measures and the theoretical and methodological principles of pedagogy and the educational sciences, you will also learn about other scientific fields such as psychology, sociology, or philosophy. Usually, a practical phase in the form of an internship is also part of the degree programme.
In most pedagogy or educational sciences degree programmes, you specialise in one of the following fields of study:

  • International pedagogy
  • Vocational pedagogy
  • Educational research
  • Adult education
  • Children’s education
  • Cultural pedagogy, theatre pedagogy, media pedagogy
  • School pedagogy
  • Special pedagogy, inclusive pedagogy

After graduating from a degree programme in pedagogy or the educational sciences, you can take on a variety of positions in the field of education and training. However, you cannot become a teacher with this degree. To teach, you need a teaching degree.

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