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Study Mechatronics, Systems Engineering in Germany

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Mechatronics combines the knowledge and tools of mechanics/mechanical engineering, electronics/electrical engineering, and computer science into one, interdisciplinary field. Mechatronic engineers develop, programme, design, configure, and control instruments, systems, and plants. System engineering places greater emphasis on control technology as well as mathematical modelling and simulation.


103 Higher Education Institutions

Bachelor, Master, Diplom

German, English

2-11 Semesters

What can I expect

Degree programmes in the field of mechatronics and systems engineering will provide you with the foundational basics as well as elementary technical and methodological knowledge of the areas of mathematics, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, and computer science. In later semesters, it is possible to specialise in various areas including automation technology, measurement and control technology, operating technology, information technology, or systems engineering. It is also possible to include engineering and management or project management in your studies. As a mechatronic or systems engineer, you will be qualified to develop, construct, and maintain complex electrical devices and machines.

These interdisciplinary degree programmes open the door to an extremely broad spectrum of career paths in various industries. Modern computer-aided systems are used in many application areas, including industrial robots, digital cameras, laser scalpels, and automotive systems.

Even if you decide against a dual course of study, all institutions of higher education emphasise project work and laboratory experiments. Practical periods or entire semesters dedicated to working in industrial companies also ensure a practice-oriented education.

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