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Study Environmental Protection and Disposal Technology in Germany

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The field of environmental protection and disposal technology, or environmental technology for short, concerns itself with energy-saving and efficient technologies for the protection of water, air, and soil. Technical methods and processes are managed to either prevent the generation of environmentally hazardous substances in the first place or reduce them after the fact. The areas of study waste management, renewable raw materials, and environmental engineering all belong to this field.


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Environmental problems such as climate change, plastic waste, and air pollution are the main focus of the field of environmental protection and disposal technology. This field of study deals with technical solutions for those problems and combines aspects from the natural sciences and engineering sciences.

A good knowledge of mathematics is essential if you would like to pursue a degree in this field. You should also be interested in technology, biology, chemistry, and physics. You will learn how to recognise and assess potential as well as actual environmental damage, and how to choose appropriate methods to prevent or rectify the damage. To do so, you will acquire basic knowledge of engineering mechanics and design, process technology, materials technology, and power engineering. Modules in economics and environmental law may also be part of your degree programme.

As a graduate of the environmental protection and disposal technology field, you will be able to develop measures for soil, noise, or water protection as well as techniques for the effective utilisation of renewable energy. You will find job opportunities, for example, with engineering offices, in industry, research and development, and with public bodies like municipal utility companies.

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