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In addition to highly specialised professionals, companies also need managers who have both analytical and technical skills as well as a comprehensive understanding of management tasks. Graduates of the field of engineering and management are in demand for precisely this kind of work. They are needed in environments that demand both an extensive technical understanding and an entrepreneurial mindset.


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A degree programme in engineering and management will prepare you for the responsibilities you will encounter in your future career. These responsibilities may include, for example, keeping track of complex processes and assessing them in terms of a cost-benefit ratio. During the first few semesters of your course of study, you will learn about the basics of business and national economics, law, engineering, and mathematics. This initial study period is often followed by an internship semester. Various programme specialisations also allow you to explore your personal interests and help you decide which future career is right for you.

Therefore, when choosing your degree programme, you should pay particular attention to the areas of specialisation that are offered. Depending on the institution of higher education, these could be individual subjects or combinations of subjects from the engineering sciences (e.g., mechanical engineering, systems engineering, plastics engineering, etc.) and the economic sciences (e.g., operational or strategic management, product management, energy management, etc.).

In addition, you will acquire key qualities that you need as a manager in a globalised economy, including, e.g., social and communication skills.

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