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Study Building Services and Supply Engineering in Germany

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The field of building services and supply engineering deals with the heating, air conditioning, ventilation, sanitation, and lighting technology as well as the automation and information technology in buildings. Facility management and safety engineering also belong to this field. Whether residential, office, school, hospital, commercial, or industrial buildings – they must be supplied with electricity, heat, water, and air in accordance with different requirements depending on their usage.


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In addition to ensuring security of supply, professionals in the field of building services and supply engineering also play an active role in the energy transition. They develop innovative and connected solutions for buildings and supply technology that enable the sustainable use of energy. “Smart” buildings and the advancement of intelligent supply networks in cities are some of the latest buzzwords in this field.

The field of building services and supply engineering not only looks at the distribution within buildings, but also deals with the supply up to the building (of electricity, gas, water, etc.) as well as the disposal of exhaust air and wastewater. Therefore, graduates in this field are also active in the planning and optimisation of power plants, sewage treatment plants, and other supply networks.

During the first few semesters of your degree programme, you will learn the scientific and technological basics that then allow you to specialise in, e.g., environmental technology or firing technology in later semesters. Economic and legal modules (in logistics, real estate law, etc.) complement the course of study, as they may be useful in your future career. Computer science is also becoming increasingly relevant in this field, as buildings become ever more digitalised.

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