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Art, Music, Design

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The field of study of design is all about the conception, design, and realisation of various forms of visual mediums. These can include figurative or semi-figurative trademarks, carpets, or fashion, depending on what you want to later specialise in. Regardless of whether you choose communication or textile design, or something completely different, you will learn to view design critically and conceptually in order to recognise and solve problems.


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In addition to basic design methods, you will also acquire the ability to develop media creatively during your studies. You will deal with various production processes and techniques. The field of study offers several opportunities for specialisation that allow you to explore certain aspects more in depth:

  • Graphic design deals with various graphical mediums such as posters, calendars, or figurative trademarks.
  • Industrial design or product design deals with analogue and digital products for series production as well as handcrafted products. People and their needs, questions of social responsibility, and ecological consequences are often important aspects of degree programmes in this area.
  • Communication design deals with visual communication or with the applied art of giving shape to specific content, for example in the form of posters, websites, or magazines. Cultural, social, ecological, and economic issues are also focused on in this area.
  • Further specialisation areas in this field of study are media design, multimedia design, performances, jewellery design, and textile design.

After completing your degree, you can work, for example, in a design studio, in an advertising or media agency, or even become self-employed.

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