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Your path to study in Germany. Let us help you!

Take advantage of the features below and find out which requirements and qualifications you need to successfully apply to study in Germany.

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Three smiling people in a library© Jan von Allwörden / DAAD

Do you need support?

Not sure what's next on your journey to studying in Germany? Contact our DAAD offices worldwide. Our advisors will be happy to help.

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Four smiling people© Jan von Allwörden / DAAD

Do you know the requirements?

Enquire which qualifications you need to start studying at a German higher education institution. You may be only a small step away from your degree programme.

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A man riding a bicycle© Jan von Allwörden / DAAD

What are your options?

If you have already gained further qualifications, you can repeat the eligibility check. Find out whether other qualifications offer you even more opportunities.