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Language and Cultural Studies

Study Ethnology, Anthropology in Germany

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The field of study of ethnology and anthropology deals with the diversity of human cultures and the different ways human beings live together. It takes an in-depth look at people in different societies and cultures and examines cultural and social contexts and dynamics. The examination of diverse societies, economies, and political systems raises your awareness for cultural diversity and cultural differences.


30 Higher Education Institutions

Bachelor, Master

German, English

4-6 Semesters

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The field of study of ethnology and anthropology comprises the following areas, many of which overlap.

  • European ethnology
  • Folkloristics
  • Social anthropology
  • Cultural anthropology

In general, you will study the analysis and interpretation of cultural “orders” and the dynamics of modern societies. You will learn to systematically compare human cultures on a global and intercultural level while using theoretical and methodological approaches. Your focus will be on the question: what distinguishes and connects people? Furthermore, you will acquire knowledge of the everyday cultures of different countries and regions, including examining their different systems such as their economies, political systems, and societal structures. This will give you greater awareness of cultural diversity and cultural differences, thereby increasing your cultural sensitivity.

Anthropology, on the other hand, explicitly focuses on the human being. It also examines human evolution in biological and socio-cultural terms.

With a degree in the field of ethnology and anthropology, you may find work in a museum or at a higher education institution, in private research institutions, consultancies, cultural management, journalism, or tourism.

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