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Acting Performing Arts/Theatre

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Bachelor of Arts

Standard period of study (amount)

6 semesters



Overview and admission

Study Type


Admission semester

Winter Semester only

Area of study

Drama (Teaching Degree)


The course starts for the first time in winter HS 21/22 at EUF. The above-mentioned course component is studied as part of the BA in Education Sciences. In the Educational Science degree course, you study two partial courses (subjects) and the compulsory partial course Training, Education and Society. The BA course in Educational Science is a polyvalent degree course, i.e. with a successful graduation, students do not have to exclusively complete an advanced master's degree in teaching. Further information on the course of study can be found at: But if you want to study the B.A. Educational Sciences with the firm aim of subsequently studying for a Master's degree in teaching, you must choose a subject combination that allows you to be admitted to a Master's degree ()

Admission modus

selection by the HEI

Admission requirements (Link)

Admission requirements

For the following subjects, additional evidence of qualifications is required: Performing Arts, Art, Music and Sports require the passing of an aptitude test. Danish, English. French and Spanish require sufficient language proficiency. Details can be found on the Admissions page under the "Additional Qualifications" tab

Lecture period

  • 13.03.2023 - 07.07.2023
  • 11.09.2023 - 12.01.2024

Application deadlines

Winter semester (2023/2024)

Deadlines for International Students from the European Union

15.05.2023 - 15.07.2023

like German applicants

Deadlines for international students from countries that are not members of the European Union

15.05.2023 - 15.07.2023

International students from non-EU Member States should submit their documents early or better submit their certificates plus translations to the Admissions Office for review before the official start of application. If verification is not possible, the documents must be sent to the central office in Bonn. The examination procedure there can take several months. In order to be admitted to the selection procedure, you must have obtained the results of the test by the closing date for applications at the latest.

Application deadline for Germans and inhabitants

15.05.2023 - 15.07.2023

The application deadline for secondary graduates (i.e. those who already obtained their Diplom or other higher education entrance qualification in the previous year) is 21.06.

Tuition fee

Tuition fees are not charged, however a semester fee is due every semester.

Languages of instruction

Main language


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