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Ships anchored at the waterside with historic buildings in Wismar in the background

Studying in Wismar

Wismar offers you 8 degree programmes in English at 1 higher education institution.

Combining tradition and modernity? Wismar shows the way: Here you will not only feel the remarkable history but also a cosmopolitan yet cosy attitude of a Hanseatic city. Located between Lübeck and Rostock, the Baltic Sea is right on your doorstep and many lakes and ponds are also within easy reach. Additionally, you will also find a large Baltic Sea port located in this UNESCO World Heritage city.

Of the German towns at the Baltic Sea, Wismar is perhaps one of the lesser known – but this small town is well worth a closer look! With the idyllic old town, numerous boats and the cosmopolitan and hospitable culture, Wismar is one of the most beautiful cities on the Baltic Sea. Just under 45,000 people live here, which makes the city quite tranquil. With this size, the distances are also short: along the small and charming alleys you can quickly reach the beach, the campus or the city centre. This leaves you more time for leisure and studying!

Speaking of studying: Wismar has a university of applied sciences with three departments. Over 8,000 students are enrolled here. The university of applied sciences is characterised by smaller study programmes, which makes studying more personal and thus more effective. For a few degree programmes, courses are held at the Rostock-Warnemünde campus or the Malchow campus (Poel Island). Even these locations are also easy and quick to reach from Wismar.

And no matter which campus you are at: Between classes, you can relax on one of the many beaches or take a dip in the sea. Now that's a good way to study!

Life in Wismar

44,000 residents

  • High-speed train connections

    Schwerin train station in 29 km distance

  • International airport

    Hamburg airport in 101 km distance

  • Coast

    Baltic Sea in close vicinity

  • Mountain range

    Harz in 300 km distance

  • Other countries

    Denmark in 80 km distance

  • Attractions within 100 km

    • Bad Wendorf pier in 4 km distance

    • Poel Island in 12 km distance

    • Brodten cliff in 41 km distance

    • Rostock in 50 km distance

1 higher education institution in Wismar

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Subject groups of degree programmes in Wismar

There is a wide range of degree programmes in Wismar. Here you can see the main subject groups. Currently, degree programmes in Wismar are mainly offered in the subject group Engineering Sciences, followed by Economic Sciences, Law and Art, Music, Design. Find out more information here about the subject groups and degree programmes offered in Germany.
  • 0

    Agricultural and Forest Sciences

  • 2

    Humanities and Social Sciences

  • 8

    Mathematics, Natural Sciences

  • 9

    Art, Music, Design

  • 0

    Language and Cultural Studies

  • 2

    Medicine, Health Sciences

  • 37

    Economic Sciences, Law

  • 37

    Engineering Sciences

  • 0

    Teaching Degrees

Harbour basin with historic buildings in the background

Brick gables and the water in the harbour glittering in the sun: Wismar is full of charm.

The old town in Wismar covers 76 hectares which makes it one of the largest in Europe.

Wismar has a rich maritime history: tales of seafaring and fishing as well as piracy and buccaneering abound. The Old Harbour and the lively fish market are reminders of this past. Here you can immerse yourself in the atmosphere of a Hanseatic city, stroll along the waterfront and marvel at the numerous boats. The shipyard, with its shipbuilding activities and impressively large ships, is also well worth a visit. It is also home to one of the largest dock halls in Europe.

Another special feature of Wismar are the many festivals. In a lively atmosphere, you can browse through the arts and crafts markets with friends, enjoy the music and theatre programme or watch the sporting competitions, such as the dragon boat race or the sailing regattas. From a culinary point of view, fish is of course a must at the festivals – especially at the Herring Days. Here you can not only learn more about the numerous ways to prepare herring, but you can also taste it prepared for direct consumption with a sip of wine.

Admittedly, the range of exhibitions or events during the rest of the year is not as wide as in larger cities. But it is of high quality and varied: many small pubs offer cabaret or music events, for example, and there are also regular parties on campus. And if there is nothing going on, you can sit with friends in one of the many bars and pubs near the water and enjoy the breathtaking Baltic Sea panorama and the fresh sea air.

Do you need to balance out your studies with some sport? No problem! Many sailing associations and clubs offer water and wind sports here, which you can do on a professional or a beginner level. And the avid cyclists among you will find good routes: flat and picturesque landscapes lend themselves to extensive cycling tours, during which you can explore the entire bay of Wismar or the nearby castles and villages.

A young woman walks through the city
A young woman walks through the cityJan von Allwörden / DAAD

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