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People crossing a bridge, the cathedral and historic buildings of Regensburg in the background
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Studying in Regensburg

Regensburg offers you 25 degree programmes in English at 5 higher education institutions.

Regensburg is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and due to its Mediterranean flair is also called the “northernmost city of Italy”. When walking through the streets you will not only see a lot of small stores, cafés and restaurants but also many young people; almost 20 percent of the population are students. The city’s fascinating history and modern lifestyle make it the perfect mixture for an enriching student life.

“The northernmost city of Italy”, you might wonder? Regensburg has that nickname for a reason! Simply take a quick stroll through the medieval town with its narrow streets, colourful buildings, and urban palazzos of the great merchants. There are also old Roman ruins, as the city was once the location of a major Roman fort. This certainly makes Regensburg one of the more picturesque places to study in Germany. In fact, UNESCO saw it fit to name Regensburg a World Heritage Site due to its architecture and, e.g., the Old Stone Bridge.

Regensburg is situated on the Danube River and the tranquil spots along the banks are an excellent place to meet with friends for a drink and a chat. If you need to get a bite to eat after studying or are looking for some supplies for class, then head to the Stadtamhof, the smallest district in Regensburg located on an island. It is considered the most beautiful part of town with its unique character and it has a lot of shops and restaurants. While Regensburg has certainly much to offer, if you long for a bigger city, Munich and Nuremberg are easily reachable by train.

Life in Regensburg

157,000 residents

  • High-speed train connections

    In close vicinity

  • International airport

    Nuremberg airport in 92 km distance

  • Coast

    Mediterranean Sea in 390 km distance

  • Mountain range

    Alps in 200 km distance

  • Other countries

    Czech Republic in 100 km distance

  • Attractions within 100 km

    • Bavarian Forest in 40 km distance

    • Befreiungshalle ("Hall of Liberation") at Kelheim in 21 km distance

5 higher education institutions in Regensburg

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Subject groups of degree programmes in Regensburg

There is a wide range of degree programmes in Regensburg. Here you can see the main subject groups. Currently, degree programmes in Regensburg are mainly offered in the subject group Teaching Degrees, followed by Language and Cultural Studies and Mathematics, Natural Sciences. Find out more information here about the subject groups and degree programmes offered in Germany.
  • 1

    Agricultural and Forest Sciences

  • 40

    Humanities and Social Sciences

  • 47

    Mathematics, Natural Sciences

  • 22

    Art, Music, Design

  • 59

    Language and Cultural Studies

  • 23

    Medicine, Health Sciences

  • 46

    Economic Sciences, Law

  • 33

    Engineering Sciences

  • 64

    Teaching Degrees

Young people enjoying themselves in the evening in Regensburg's old town centre.

In summer, everyone puts out their chairs and the alleys are full of life.

A collection of Neo-Renaissance-style rooms and museum artifacts will wow you at the palace owned by the Thurn and Taxis family.

Around 30,000 students make up the higher education institutions. In a city of over 150,000 inhabitants, students account for around 1 in 5 people, which justifies its label as a student city. This holds true during the day and night. Students have numerous opportunities to have a great time away from campus, with diverse events, and cultural offerings such as music, theatre, cinema, and exhibitions, as well as numerous sports clubs and excursions to nearby nature. If you are looking for magnificent views, then head to the Walhalla Hall of Fame. It is a reproduction of the Parthenon and is located above the Danube River and honours laudable and distinguished people in German history. Not only does history await you, but a beautiful view of the river valley and Regensburg as well.

Numerous festivals liven up the city during the year. The Jazzweekend and Regensburg Short Film Week add to the cultural offerings in Regensburg, while a more traditional festival is known as the Regensburger Dult. It is held in the spring and the fall and includes traditional Bavarian food, carnival rides, and beer tents. A good chance to wear a traditional Lederhosen or Dirndl dress! The Jahninsel is an island right in the middle of the Danube and hosts a yearly festival called the Jahninselfest where numerous concerts are held over a couple of days. When there’s not an event going on, this park is also very popular for barbeques and general relaxing. Even in the winter, Regensburg has numerous Christmas markets spread across the city. This is the perfect opportunity to keep warm during the cold winter months to grab a mulled wine or some comfort food after class.

While Regensburg isn’t as pricey as some cities, the high ratio of students makes competition for housing fierce, so be quick with applying. Studying in this picturesque city has its advantages and if you want to find out even more, get in contact with the higher education institutions in Regensburg!

A young woman walks through the city
A young woman walks through the cityJan von Allwörden / DAAD

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