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Linn Castle with moat, surrounded by greenery and the buildings of Krefeld in the background
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Studying in Krefeld

Krefeld offers you degree programmes at 1 higher education institution.

Krefeld is located exactly between the larger cities Duisburg and Düsseldorf and, therefore, goes unnoticed by many. Unfairly! Unlike the neighbouring cities, Krefeld is a big city with a small-town charm: everything is close together and with little effort, you are in the middle of the relaxing nature of the Rhineland. And if you like concerts, jazz and ice hockey, you've also come to the right place.

Krefeld has a population of about 225,000 and is a hub for commuters working in Düsseldorf and Duisburg, as rental properties are more affordable here than in other places. This also applies to student accommodation. You’ll find it easy to rent a place that suits your budget. Most students like to move to the city centre or the southern part of town, closer to their lecture halls and libraries. Here, you’ll find hip cafés, little secondhand stores, and corner shops with organic produce. This is part of what gives the city its cosy and snug feel, despite its relatively large size.

Once you get here, make sure you get a (used) bike. It’s a reliable way to get onto the two Krefeld campuses of the Hochschule Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences from your accommodation, for example. In addition to biking around the city, you can take things up a notch at the Elfrather Lake where you can participate in windsurfing, diving, rowing, and sailing. A so-called soapbox derby is hosted every year in Krefeld too! Over a 500-metre course, participants race down Krefeld’s highest hill in self-made mobiles. Even if you don’t participate, this is an exciting event to spectate.

Life in Krefeld

228,000 residents

  • High-speed train connections

    In close vicinity

  • International airport

    Düsseldorf airport in 14 km distance

  • Coast

    North Sea in 155 km distance

  • Mountain range

    Eifel in 120 km distance

  • Other countries

    The Netherlands in 25 km distance

  • Attractions within 100 km

    • Krefeld Pinguins Hockey in 4 km distance

    • Linn Castle Museum in 4 km distance

    • Jazzkeller Krefeld music venue in 2 km distance

1 higher education institution in Krefeld

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Subject groups of degree programmes in Krefeld

There is a wide range of degree programmes in Krefeld. Here you can see the main subject groups. Currently, degree programmes in Krefeld are mainly offered in the subject group Engineering Sciences, followed by Mathematics, Natural Sciences and Medicine, Health Sciences. Find out more information here about the subject groups and degree programmes offered in Germany.
  • 0

    Agricultural and Forest Sciences

  • 0

    Humanities and Social Sciences

  • 11

    Mathematics, Natural Sciences

  • 3

    Art, Music, Design

  • 0

    Language and Cultural Studies

  • 10

    Medicine, Health Sciences

  • 4

    Economic Sciences, Law

  • 36

    Engineering Sciences

  • 0

    Teaching Degrees

The Krefeld Christmas market at the Dionysius Church at night
©Stadt Krefeld

The Christmas markets are atmospheric spots to enjoy the holiday season together.

Take a walk down the picturesque Prinz Ferdinand Street. It is decorated with rare Ginkgo trees, that turn a unique golden colour in the autumn time!

Krefeld is known as the City of Velvet and Silk, due to its success in the textile industry in the 19th century. This is still visible in the city’s architecture: the “Krefelder Haus” is a type of floor plan that is unique to this city. Workers used to weave inside the houses, so the layout was specifically tailored to the instruments that they used. You can see one of these houses in Blumenstrasse or visit the German Textile Museum to participate in interesting workshops and see their newest exhibitions. Nowadays, a lot of technical research is conducted, with the aim of improving industrial textiles. This is something that the Hochschule Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences is also involved in! Apart from textile and clothing technology, you have a choice to study across nine other available faculties including design and health care at the Hochschule Niederrhein.

Should you ever need a break from your studies in Krefeld, you’ll be happy to know that the city’s well-established public transport system consists of tram and bus connections, and a main train station with high-speed or regional train connections. These will take you to neighbouring cities like Düsseldorf and Duisburg in less than an hour, which is a great time for a day trip.

However, this is not a must! If you’re into theatre, concerts, and comedy shows, the Kulturfabrik Krefeld (or KuFa), Krefeld’s main spot for performance arts offers a very comprehensive programme for theatres and cabaret, for example, but is also where most concerts take place in the city. Poetry slam performances have been especially popular recently and are sometimes hosted here, so keep an eye out! The KuFa’s location is very convenient, being that it’s very close to the main train station, by foot and tram. If you make friends in neighbouring cities, you should invite them to Krefeld to watch a show together!

A young woman walks through the city
A young woman walks through the cityJan von Allwörden / DAAD

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