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Old fountain under green trees in front of a historic building in Braunschweig
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Studying in Braunschweig

Braunschweig offers you 5 degree programmes in English at 3 higher education institutions.

Thanks to research institutes and large companies, Braunschweig and its surroundings are the most active research region in Europe – ideal conditions for finding internships or part-time jobs. History, sports and culture enthusiasts love the city as well, which looks back on a 1,000-year-old history. Here, the semester contribution includes a cultural ticket, allowing you to visit theatres as often as you wish for free.

The second largest city in Lower Saxony has more than 250,000 inhabitants and is known as a large, family-oriented city with a long tradition of higher education. More than 20,000 students live in Braunschweig, making the city a lively place. The fascinating thing about the city is its look oscillating between the Middle Ages and modernity: In addition to historic buildings, castles and churches, you will encounter well-known shopping chains and hip cafés in the lovely city centre. You shouldn't miss Dankwarderode Castle and Braunschweig Cathedral on a walk through the city. And the Kohlmarkt is where life happens! Here you can enjoy a delicious meal with your friends and have a cup of coffee.

Although the car enjoys a special status in Braunschweig (the automotive industry is historically very strong in Lower Saxony), most locals here travel by bicycle. The reason: Everything is quickly within reach. If you don't feel like biking, you can use the city's public transportation and all trains in Lower Saxony for free with the semester ticket. You can also save money on rent in Braunschweig: The prices for apartments and shared rooms in Braunschweig are relatively low compared to other major German cities.

Life in Braunschweig

252,000 residents

  • High-speed train connections

    In close vicinity

  • International airport

    Hanover airport in 61 km distance

  • Coast

    North Sea in 190 km distance

  • Mountain range

    Elm in 20 km distance

  • Other countries

    The Netherlands in 230 km distance

  • Attractions within 100 km

    • Riddagshausen Abbey in 4 km distance

    • Kreuzteich pond in 4 km distance

    • Richmond castle and grounds in 4 km distance

3 higher education institutions in Braunschweig

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Subject groups of degree programmes in Braunschweig

There is a wide range of degree programmes in Braunschweig. Here you can see the main subject groups. Currently, degree programmes in Braunschweig are mainly offered in the subject group Teaching Degrees, followed by Engineering Sciences and Mathematics, Natural Sciences. Find out more information here about the subject groups and degree programmes offered in Germany.
  • 0

    Agricultural and Forest Sciences

  • 17

    Humanities and Social Sciences

  • 30

    Mathematics, Natural Sciences

  • 12

    Art, Music, Design

  • 11

    Language and Cultural Studies

  • 2

    Medicine, Health Sciences

  • 16

    Economic Sciences, Law

  • 41

    Engineering Sciences

  • 43

    Teaching Degrees

Person in a kayak on the Oker River under autumnal trees
©Braunschweig Stadtmarketing GmbH/Christian Bierwagen

From the Oker river you will gain some new perspectives!

Every year, the Braunschweig Culture Night attracts almost 2,500 artists who make the city come alive with their colourful programme.

In Braunschweig, you are not only surrounded by diverse architecture but also picturesque landscapes and many swimming opportunities. The river Oker literally circles the city centre and is particularly suitable for a boat trip in warm weather. In summer, the Südsee also becomes a popular meeting place among students. Here you can go swimming with your friends and relax in the shady spots by the water. Further up, on the Nußberg in the Prinz Albrecht Park, enjoy a breathtaking view of the city and the green surroundings.

There is a reason why Braunschweig is known as a sports city: The locals organise themselves in more than 230 sports clubs, covering a wide range of sports. Classics like football, basketball and hockey are complemented by judo, American football and dance. If you want to cope better with stress during the exam period, drop by one of these clubs! On a hot day, sports on the river Oker are also a must. Many students rent a canoe together to glide leisurely across the water.

One of the city's annual highlights is the Braunschweig carnival parade, the so-called "Schoduvel". The largest carnival procession in northern Germany takes place every year in February and fills the city with a party atmosphere and creative costumes. And in the run-up to Christmas, don't miss Braunschweig's Christmas market! It has been crowned the most beautiful Christmas market in northern Germany several times and offers a huge range of warm drinks, regional delicacies and gifts.

In Braunschweig, you have many opportunities to spend a memorable evening with friends. Ideally, you start your evening in the student pub district, the Magniviertel. Next to the pretty half-timbered houses and the picturesque Old Town Market, cosy pubs and restaurants line up here. In the cult quarter, you'll meet lots of other young people at the weekend in numerous bars and clubs with low prices, where you can dance until the early hours.

A young woman walks through the city
A young woman walks through the cityJan von Allwörden / DAAD

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