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Urban square in Aalen surrounded by colourful buildings under a blue sky
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Studying in Aalen

Aalen offers you 3 degree programmes in English at 1 higher education institution.

Are you looking for beautiful landscapes, a tranquil small town and innovative companies for an internship? Then you should consider Aalen, located in eastern Baden-Württemberg. Aalen is a historic Roman city east of the UNESCO-listed Swabian Alb, which is perfect for hiking, bicycling or skiing. And if you need more metropolitan vibes from time to time: Stuttgart and Ulm are both reachable in about an hour.

Aalen markets itself under the label "region for talent and patents" and has a strong focus on high-tech. Many large companies and start-ups are located here - this offers the chance to find interesting internships or to work directly with companies on your final thesis. The leading local sectors include mechanical engineering and IT, but also optics, textiles and paper.

At Aalen University, you have a wide choice of degree programmes with a technical and business focus, and thanks to its close contacts with the local economy, the higher education institution may be able to help you find exciting internships. In itself, Aalen University is not the largest, with just about 6,000 students. However, you will receive more personal attention and meet new people more quickly.

Aalen is a very welcoming city. 69,000 people from around 127 nations live here. You can stroll through the historic old town with friends, discover winding alleys and squares and sit in a comfortable café. In the city centre you will also find opportunities for shopping to get everything you need for everyday life.

Life in Aalen

69,000 residents

  • High-speed train connections

    Ulm train station in 50 km distance

  • International airport

    Stuttgart airport in 68 km distance

  • Coast

    Mediterranean Sea in 410 km distance

  • Mountain range

    Swabian Alb in close vicinity

  • Other countries

    France in 140 km distance

  • Attractions within 100 km

    • Old mine "Tiefer Stollen" in 3 km distance

    • Limes hiking trail in close vicinity

    • Hohenstadt Castle in close vicinity

1 higher education institution in Aalen

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Subject groups of degree programmes in Aalen

There is a wide range of degree programmes in Aalen. Here you can see the main subject groups. Currently, degree programmes in Aalen are mainly offered in the subject group Engineering Sciences, followed by Economic Sciences, Law and Mathematics, Natural Sciences. Find out more information here about the subject groups and degree programmes offered in Germany.
  • 1

    Agricultural and Forest Sciences

  • 1

    Humanities and Social Sciences

  • 14

    Mathematics, Natural Sciences

  • 2

    Art, Music, Design

  • 1

    Language and Cultural Studies

  • 3

    Medicine, Health Sciences

  • 26

    Economic Sciences, Law

  • 42

    Engineering Sciences

  • 1

    Teaching Degrees

Lake in the sunlight with meadows and trees in the background

You can reach the popular Buch reservoir by bike in about one hour.

More than 150 million years ago, giant ammonites and dinosaurs lived in the Jurassic Sea around Aalen - you can marvel at their fossils in the Urweltmuseum.

Situated on the eastern edge of the Swabian Alb, Aalen is a perfect place to study for nature fans and anyone who likes to spend their free time actively. The region's rolling hills offer many beautiful routes for hiking and cycling. In summer, you can relax after your lectures in public outdoor pools in Wasseralfingen or Unterrombach. In the neighbouring town of Rainau, there is even a beach with barbecue stations where you can rent a boat or a surfboard. And in winter, there's an ice skating centre and a ski area in the southern part of the city.

Aalen is also an exciting place for culture and history enthusiasts. When the Romans made the region part of their empire, they built a famous Limes here, a fortified boundary - and close to it the largest equestrian fort north of the Alps. Some of the foundation walls have been preserved to this day. If you want to treat yourself to some pampering in the spa after your trip back in time, you can enjoy the warm outdoor pools and saunas at the Limes thermal baths. They even offer a student discount!

For those who like it sociable, Aalen also offers a rich festival programme around the year. In July, for example, there is the international street festival, where you can experience the cultural diversity of the city. And in the autumn, the Jazz Festival and the "Römertage" come to Aalen. If you want to dance the night away, you can go to the nearest larger cities like Ulm or Stuttgart - there will be a larger variety of clubs.

By the way: The housing market in Aalen is much more relaxed than in other German cities. Here you can easily find a place in a student hall or a private apartment for a budget below the German average. If you need help, Aalen University might assist you in your search and help with translating, for example.

A young woman walks through the city
A young woman walks through the cityJan von Allwörden / DAAD

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