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Would you like to go back to school? Do you enjoy sharing your knowledge and working with children and adolescents? Do you remain composed in stressful situations? If so, studying to become a teacher of school subjects may suit you. Usually, you choose two subjects and the type of school you would like to teach at, i.e., primary, lower, or upper secondary. However, the requirements differ depending on the federal state, so you should decide where you would like to work before you start your studies.


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What can I expect

If you would like to teach at a primary school, for example, you will always have to choose mathematics and German. For higher age ranges, you can also choose subjects such as history, social sciences, biology, computer science, or geography. The possible subjects and their combinations depend on the type of school you want to teach at. Depending on the federal state, the school types are called “Grundschule”, “Hauptschule”, “Mittelschule”, “Realschule” or “Gymnasium”. No matter which subjects and which combinations you choose, you will always acquire general knowledge of teaching.

Internships will also be included in your studies. They will give you a better understanding of the tasks, requirements, and challenges of the teaching profession and help you find out whether you are suited for your intended profession.

Some universities have set a numerus clausus for their teacher training programmes and restrict the number of students who are granted admission to individual subjects or certain types of schools.

In general, it takes four to five years to complete your teacher training course and then another one and a half to two years to complete the traineeship (“Referendariat”).

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