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Study Geography in Germany

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If you are equally excited about the natural and social sciences, the interdisciplinary study of geography could be a good fit for you. You will deal with the physical nature of earth, i.e., the appearance of the earth’s surface and consider questions such as: What kinds of soils are there? What is the distribution of water like? At the same time, you will also consider earth as a place for social interaction and look at it from a social sciences perspective.


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German, English

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What content can I expect

A degree programme in geography will help you comprehend the spatial systems of earth. You will learn about the different types of systems, how to analyse them, and ultimately how to evaluate them. You will also explore the interplay between people and the environment. How does the environment shape people and how do people shape the environment?
In this way, geography can be divided into two main areas:

  • Physical geography: This subject area approaches the earth as a habitat from the perspective of the natural sciences. You will learn about, e.g., different landforms and soils and deal with climate and various climatic zones. Typical topics in this area are natural risks and landscape development.
  • Anthropogeography: This area is also called human geography. It approaches our world from the perspective of the social sciences and deals with earth as a social space. You will examine the interactions between people and earth – as mentioned above – and deal with topics such as urban growth, migration, and spatial inequality.

Depending on your specialisation, you may also learn about IT solutions for surveying and other issues. You will go on international excursions to apply what you have learned. Most higher education institutions offer these kinds of worldwide excursions.
There is no such thing as a typical job for graduates of geography degree programmes. Your future career will highly depend on what focus area you chose to specialise in during your studies and also on the types of internships you completed. You may find employment in public administration or development organisations. You could also become a teacher, though, in Germany, you must also study a subject that explicitly qualifies you for a teaching profession to do so.

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