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Language and Cultural Studies

Study English Studies, American Studies in Germany

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English and American studies focus on the cultures, language, and literature of English-speaking countries in the past and present. You learn to look at the Anglophone world scientifically, including, for example, the linguistic varieties of English in New Zealand and India, as well as their literatures and cultures. Over the course of your studies, you will deepen your English language skills and expand your command of the language to cover its use in specific contexts.


54 Higher Education Institutions

Bachelor, Master, State Examination

German, English

4-10 Semesters

What content can I expect

English and American studies programmes are typically comprised of four or five sections, depending on the exact programme:

  • Linguistics: You study the “system” of the English language and its use in communication. You also acquire skills for analysing the English language.
  • Literary studies: In this subsection, you focus on English literature. You acquire the knowledge to classify it in terms of literary history and to analyse it scientifically.
  • Language practice: Here you will deepen your knowledge of English and expand your skills for use in academic and work-related contexts.
  • Cultural studies: You will study the history of Anglophone countries, especially the history of Great Britain and North America.
  • Teaching methodologies: Only students who wish to become teachers learn teaching methodologies. This involves learning the basic processes of foreign language teaching and learning as well as the special subject of teaching methodologies for learning English as a second language.

Graduates of English and American studies may find work in tourism, language schools, publishing, journalism, public relations, or in culture, communication, and media management. You cannot become a teacher solely with a degree in English and American studies. You can, however, become a teacher if you combine your English and American studies degree with a teaching degree.

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