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Language and Cultural Studies

Study Ancient Languages in Germany

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The area of study ancient languages offers you comprehensive insight into the languages and cultures of the past as well as the development of modern languages and societies. You learn about ancient languages and analyse them to draw comparisons and conclusions. The history of the different peoples who used these languages is also studied, as well as the influence of ancient languages on modern languages.


32 Higher Education Institutions

Bachelor, Master, State Examination


2-10 Semesters

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The field of ancient languages links language with history, culture, and religion. In your studies, you will learn about ancient languages that are no longer spoken and analyse their structure, vocabulary, and grammar rules. You will also acquire literary, cultural, philosophical, and historical knowledge that will enable you to compare different texts with the present and gain an understanding of their significance for today’s society and its development.

The study area of ancient languages includes:

  • Greek studies, with a focus on the language and literature of ancient Greece,
  • Celtic studies, which deals with the languages, literatures, and cultures of Celtic-speaking countries and regions from antiquity to the present, and
  • Latin studies, which is all about the Latin language and literature.

The field of ancient languages could be a good fit for you if you enjoy working with texts and are interested in history and languages. A talent for language learning is of great advantage.

After graduation, you may find work in education, cultural institutions, libraries, translation services, or research. If you combine this degree with a teaching degree, you can also work as a teacher.

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