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Study Vehicle and Traffic Engineering in Germany

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Vehicle engineering deals with the manufacturing of all kinds of motorised vehicles. This exciting field of study is currently undergoing several major transformations simultaneously. Vehicle engineers are developing and optimising alternative propulsion systems, researching new forms of energy storage, and are working towards a future reality of autonomous driving. Traffic engineering, on the other hand, is all about recording, analysing, and influencing traffic in general.


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Degree programmes in vehicle engineering and the related area of automotive engineering first provide a basic engineering education. You then have the possibility to specialise in numerous areas according to your interests. You can choose to focus on, e.g., motor sports, ergonomics, electric mobility, assistance systems for various vehicle types, or autonomous driving.

In traffic engineering, you can dive deeper into traffic modelling and simulation, the management of traffic flows in public transportation, the impact of traffic on the environment, or traffic demand management.

The courses of study in this field are very practice-oriented, making your opportunities for future employment quite diverse. A degree in vehicle engineering provides you with career opportunities in, e.g., vehicle development, production planning, quality management, or technical procurement. As a key industry in Germany, the automotive industry provides a comprehensive offering of job opportunities in the engineering sector. A degree in traffic engineering offers promising career opportunities in all industries and companies that deal with traffic and transportation infrastructure. This includes commercial logistics providers as well as public transport operators and regulatory authorities.

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