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Study Surveying, Geodesy in Germany

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The field of surveying and geodesy deals with the recording of the earth, using ground, air, and space-based surveying technology as well as the processing and presentation of geographic information. Nowadays, information systems, modern satellite technology, and digital remote detection sensors are used alongside conventional surveying tools like theodolites, laser scanners, and cameras. This field of study is not purely theoretical, but rather practice oriented.


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Bachelor, Master, Diplom

German, English

3-10 Semesters

What can I expect

During the early stages of your degree programme, you will learn the mathematical, physical, and legal basics that will form the foundation for your studies. This includes modules in surveying, surveying calculations, land management, and CAD, which build a comprehensive basic knowledge in surveying technology. Building on these acquired skills, you will then learn more about sensors used in surveying, photogrammetry, and remote detection as well as physical geodesy and satellite geodesy. You will also learn about the procedures for evaluating and visualising the recorded data. The field offers opportunities for specialisation in areas such as web-based GIS, documentation and planning in civil engineering, and mobile 3D surveying.

Data acquired in this way is used for maps and topographic plans as well as location-based mobile services or navigation systems. Your career prospects are correspondingly diverse. You can work with surveyor’s and planning offices or for federal or municipal survey authorities and land development bodies. Manufacturers of navigation systems and digital maps as well as companies in the automotive industry are also among your future potential employers.

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