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Study Ship Engineering, Nautics in Germany

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Nautics concerns itself with the navigation and manoeuvring of ships, while ship engineering focuses on the technical systems and units installed on a ship. Therefore, holding a degree in this field doesn’t necessarily mean you yourself will set sail. You may also remain on solid ground and work for, e.g., a shipping company or federal maritime administration.
In addition to the areas of nautics and ship engineering, this field also includes marine engineering and ship operation engineering.


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If you are interested in commanding ships at sea, a degree programme in nautics may be right for you. Nautics students should have an affinity to technology and management. Apart from the nautical subjects, the course of study will also cover knowledge of natural sciences, law, and economics. Manoeuvring, meteorology, and merchant shipping law are typical examples of modules in a nautics degree programme.

Programmes in ship engineering are much more technically oriented and include teachings from physics, mathematics, electrical engineering, and technical mechanics. Modules in system engineering, cooling and air-conditioning technology, or marine electronics are also part of the study content.

You should have a good command of the English language, especially for a degree programme in nautics, as English is a prerequisite for participating in international shipping.

If you wish to study nautics, it is also possible that you will need to provide proof of your fitness for sea service before enrolling. In the case that you already hold a certificate of proficiency as a ship mechanic, a NOA training record book, or proof of sufficient seagoing service, you may be able to complete the degree in less time than usually required. Depending on the higher education institution, graduates earn not only a Bachelor’s degree but also the national certificate of competence as a nautical watch officer, allowing you to work as a captain at sea after gaining the required experience.

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