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Study Printing Technology, Media Technology in Germany

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In printing technology or media technology studies, you work with print as well as digital and audio-visual media. While the focus of these engineering courses is on the technological content, creative or economic modules often supplement the studies. The field of study encompasses a broad range of subjects and nowadays includes more and more animation, social media applications, and 3D printing. Packaging technology also belongs to this field of study.


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3-8 Semesters

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Various areas of study belong to this field:

  • In printing technology, special attention is given to printing processes, typesetting, and reproduction technology as well as aspects from mechanical and plant engineering.
  • Media technology is more concerned with the design and production of audio-visual media such as videos, audios, animations, etc.
  • In packaging technology, the focus is on understanding and assessing materials and processes to develop ideal – and nowadays also environmentally friendly – packaging. This includes packaging construction and design, printing and refining techniques, packaging manufacturing, and machine packaging, as well as storage and transportation techniques.

The focus of your course is dependent on your interests – electronic printing, 3D printing, creative aspects, graphic arts, or computer science – the choice is yours. You can also choose to include management modules in your curriculum to learn how to competently work with a budget. After completing your degree, you may find work in the traditional printing industry, e.g., with newspaper publishers, software firms, or advertising agencies. A degree in packaging technology opens ample opportunities, e.g., in the paper and cardboard industry.

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