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Social Management

SRH Fernhochschule - The Mobile University • University of Applied Sciences • Riedlingen


Main instruction language
Standard length of studies
6 semesters
Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) (Bachelor of Arts)
Areas of Focus
Economic and Legal Key Areas, Relations Management, Social Marketing and Public Relations, Performance Management, Business Administration, Accounting, Personnel and Organisation, Management Concepts and Instruments
Tuition fees
388 EUR per Month
The tuition fees cover:
- Material for lessons and self study (study material for distance learning, literature)
- Participation in attendance lectures
- Examination fees
- Use of the Intranet
- Guidance and support


Admission requirements (Germany)
I General or subject-restricted higher education entrance qualification certificate or entrance qualification for universities of applied sciences
I Alternatively: Study without a general qualification for university entrance or NC through advanced further training, aptitude test or one year of successful study at a university in another federal state
? Sufficient knowledge of English
I For foreign nationals: Sufficient command of German.
Admission requirements (Link)
Admission Semester
Admission in all quarters
Admission Mode
open admission
Lecture Period
01.10.2022 - 31.03.2023

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