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Ludwigshafen University of Business and Society • University of Applied Sciences • Ludwigshafen


Main instruction language
Standard length of studies
8 semesters
Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) (Bachelor of Arts)
Areas of Focus
Information, Counselling and Training of Patients (Patient Education), Health Promotion and (Nursing) Preventive Care, Medical Practice Instructor in Healthcare, Management of a Care or Functional Unit


Admission requirements (Germany)
(Subject-restricted) school leaving certificate giving right of entry to higher education or an equivalent approved qualification and internship with a cooperation partner
successful completion of professional training in Health and (Paediatric) Nursing or Geriatric Nursing with an average grade of at least 2.5 and two years of subject-related professional activity (see homepage of Hochschule Ludwigshafen am Rhein)
Admission requirements (Link)
Admission Semester
Summer Semester only
Admission Mode
selection by the HEI

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