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University of Hamburg • University • Hamburg


Main instruction language
Standard length of studies
6 semesters
Bachelor (Bachelor of Arts)


Admission requirements (Germany)
For French a basic knowledge of the language is required. Proof is to be provided that 300 lesson hours have been completed by way of certification from a general education school (alternatively by presenting certificates for a corresponding number of school years), or by presenting the certificate DELF B1. A certificate is to be attached to the application accordingly.
No special proof is necessary if French was taken as an advanced or foundation course examination subject as part of the school leaving certificate giving right of entry to higher education, and if this is shown in an official certified copy of the school leaving certificate.
This also applies for French as the minor subject.
Admission Semester
Winter Semester only
Admission Mode
open admission
Lecture Period
11.10.2021 - 29.01.2022
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