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Business management

University of Applied Sciences for Medium-Sized Companies (FHM) • University of Applied Sciences • Köln, Bielefeld


Main instruction language
Further Languages
Standard length of studies
9 trimesters
Bachelor of Arts (Bachelor of Arts)
Areas of Focus
Business Administration, Management of Medium-Sized Companies
Tuition fees
625 EUR per Month
The tuition fees of EUR 625.00
per month apply to a
full-time course (Bachelor's course) with a
3-year period of study. For
For a career-integrated and dual
Bachelor course (study period of four
years), the monthly
amount to EUR 475.00


Admission requirements (Germany)
Formal requirement for admission to a Bachelor of Arts course at the FHM is a higher education entrance qualification or an entrance qualification for universities of applied science. Working professionals with an appropriate professional qualification can also commence studies. Optional qualifications for admission to a course:

Higher education entrance qualification
Entrance qualification for universities of applied sciences
Master craftsperson
Master craftsperson candidate with entrance qualification for universities of applied sciences
Business Manager (awarded by the Chamber of Crafts, HWK)
Master Professional of Business Management (Chamber of Commerce and Industry, IHK)

Graduates of a 2-year training course at a professional school
Bachelor Professional of Business Management and Business Management Assistant (IHK)
Certified Business Manager

There are no course entrance restrictions for Bachelor of Arts courses at the FHM. Instead, the most qualified applicants are selected in an internal selection procedure of the university. An elaborate procedure similar to the personnel selection procedure of modern commercial enterprises has been developed by the FHM for this purpose.
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Admission Semester
Admission in all trimesters
Admission Mode
open admission
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