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Business computing

University of Stuttgart • University • Stuttgart


Main instruction language
Standard length of studies
6 semesters
Bachelor of Science (Bachelor of Science)
Areas of Focus
Enterprise Software, Information Systems, E-Business, Data Bases, Software Development, IT Project Management, Business Intelligence, Electronic Negotiations, Multi-Agent Systems, Knowledge-based systems
Tuition fees
The state of Baden-Württemberg charges tuition fees for a second degree (EUR 650/semester) and for students from non-European countries (EUR 1,500/semester). For information about tuition fees, please refer to our website.


Admission requirements (Germany)
The exact selection criteria can be found on the following web page:
Admission requirements (Link)
Admission Semester
Winter Semester only
Admission Mode
selection by the HEI
Lecture Period
18.10.2021 - 12.02.2022
Check your entrance qualification and contact universities