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Business Administration (BWL) - Energy and Water Management

Ruhr West University of Applied Sciences • University of Applied Sciences • Mülheim an der Ruhr


Main instruction language
Standard length of studies
7 semesters
Bachelor of Arts (Bachelor of Arts)
Areas of Focus
Energy Management, Energy Management, Water Management, Water Management, Water Economics, Energy Economics, Sustainability, Environmental Management, Business Administration
Tuition fees
The University Ruhr West does not charge tuition fees. However, students at the HRW must pay a semester fee. The semester fee for the winter semester 2021/22 amounts to a total of EUR 324.38 and is made up as follows:

Contribution to the student union (AStA):t20.00
Social contribution to the Essen-Duisburg Student Services:t95.00
Costs for the semester ticket (VRR): t151.98
Costs of the NRW ticket: t57.40
In total:t324.38


Admission requirements (Link)
Admission Semester
Winter Semester only
Admission Mode
selection by the HEI
Lecture Period
27.09.2021 - 21.01.2022

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