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Business Administration alongside career

Georg Simon Ohm University of Applied Sciences Nuremberg • University of Applied Sciences • Nürnberg


Main instruction language
Standard length of studies
12 trimesters
Bachelor's degree (Bachelor of Arts)
Areas of Focus
Bookkeeping and Balance, Business Informatics, Business Mathematics, Cost and Activity Accounting, Personnel Management, Business English, Financial Management and the Investment Industry, Materials and Production Management, Marketing
Tuition fees
1200 EUR per trimester


Admission requirements (Germany)
School leaving certificate giving right of entry to higher education ('Abitur') or
subject-specific qualification for university entrance
or entrance qualification for studies at universities of applied sciences or
specific professional qualification (e.g. Master Craftsman, Business Manager HWK, Technician)
or a completed two-year vocational training followed by at least three years of subject-specific professional experience
Admission requirements (Link)
Admission Semester
Winter Semester only
Admission Mode
open admission

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